Wednesday, May 30, 2001

The specter of hope

AOG, London

Much like the last sip in a glass of soda:
and abused.

The difference between the first kiss
and the last one.
The idea that between point A
and point B
only the intent to travel matters,
because origin and destination
are irrelevant
to the point of being insipid.

Like dead heat, without a flame.
Like caramel without sugar.
An anomaly.
A dry river bed.
A leafless weeping willow.
All intent but no purpose.

The fall of pride
and the victory of piety- which in turn turns into pride
which in turn must be defeated.
And the cycle begins again.

So hope begins again its journey
on a dusty road, where once was a river.
The way exists
but the traffic has disappeared.
So why is the road there?
Because it is the testimony
of the specter of hope.