Sunday, July 25, 2010

Odd year

AOG, Madrid

This has been an odd year thus far. I have not wanted to update this blog, though I have no idea why eaxctly. It just hasn't happened.

Since we got back from Japan last year, I have found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on much, though I think that what I have been suffering from most is just good old fashioned apathy and little else.

Work has been stressful since about mid-February when 80% of my department at the paper left. 

The workload increased and I was surprised to experience that my colleagues were not really forthcoming in the help department. 

Yes, I know economics is a difficult thing to deal with. However, I also noticed that they were not really helping each other much either.

I am not in the mood to do a 7 month recap, but I will say that somehow I've managed to survive Spain winning the World Cup in South Africa, the Madrid Pride celebrations, and that I've made a couple of new friends and those are always in short supply.

And speaking of friends, through the magic of Facebook, I found the two High School buddies I've been after since we graduated. One, funnily enough, lives in London! The other one just moved back to Texas. We've spoken on the phone a couple of times, which is good. We are still were we left off. A good feeling.

August is just around the corner, and my only plan is to take it easy. 

We'll see.

 PS: I've just realized that the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics just passed me by completely. I'm so not a jock...but I do like one when I see one! LOL