Monday, February 12, 2007

US Election candidates 2008

AOG, Madrid

Here are some of the declared (and potential) presidential candidates for the Republican and Democratic Party nominations for the 2008 US Presidential election.


Announced candidates:

Joseph Biden- U.S. senator from Delaware and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Chris Dodd- U.S. senator from Connecticut.

John Edwards- former U.S. senator from North Carolina and the vice presidential nominee in 2004.

Mike Gravel- former U.S. senator from Alaska

Dennis Kucinich- U.S. representative from Ohio and 2004 presidential candidate.

Barack Obama- U.S. senator from Illinois.

Tom Vilsack- former Iowa governor.

Formed exploratory committee:

Hillary Rodham Clinton- U.S. senator from New York and former first lady.

Bill Richardson- New Mexico governor.

Expected or possible candidate:

Wesley Clark, retired U.S. Army general and 2004 presidential candidate.


Announced candidates:

Sam Brownback- U.S. senator from Kansas.

Duncan Hunter- U.S. representative from California.

Formed exploratory committee:

James Gilmore- former Virginia governor.

Rudolph Giuliani- former New York mayor.

Mike Huckabee- former Arkansas governor.

John McCain- U.S. senator from Arizona and 2000 presidential candidate.

Mitt Romney- former Massachusetts governor.

Tom Tancredo- U.S. representative from Colorado.

Tommy Thompson- former Wisconsin governor.

Other expected or possible candidates:

Newt Gingrich- former U.S. House of Representatives speaker.

Chuck Hagel- U.S. senator from Nebraska.

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Kali Tuxi said...

and what ´bout u?? who are u supporting? I strongly believe that first of all the important fact is to get the change... but the´re so many ways of doing it! sadly i´m not so sure (even being realist, and knowing the conditions) if i like any democrat. if i would have to choose, i would say Obama or Edwards, but what was ´bout Dean? i miss him! anyway, why i´m not so surprised of having the same feeling i had with french primaries... hillary will be named candidate, and her program and ideas are so far of what i consider a change!
anyway! some hugs! take care, and hope (for sure) talk to u soon!