Friday, April 13, 2007

April's little disasters

AOG, Madrid

Interesting month this. It would appear that the electronic Gods have it in for me. For those of you outside the UK, the Gods in questions hate me and are making me pay for something. What? No clue. It is a case of electronic karma gone haywire. This must be payback for some crime I must have comitted in a past life against some machine. I probably destroyed a wind-up clock in the XVII century or I burnt an expensive chinese sing-song or something. What has happened lately is definitely karma-related.

The month began with blackouts. At first I thought it was only at work, where, since the Popular Party decided to ban the Prisa group from all its public acts, we also thought we were the victims of electric terrorism. The power went out quite frequently a couple of weeks ago day after day. But when I got home, I realised that it was Madrid that was suffering these power shortages. When I got home, the TV, DVD, and the digital encoder were not working properly. I had to reprogram everything. The power had gone out at home too.

And then I thought that was that. Wrong-o-la!

Two weekends ago, I went to a wedding in Bilbao with Juan. Upon my return to Madrid, I discovered that my laptop, which was working perfectly before I left, was now out of order. As of today, it still is. The warranty covers some things, and does not cover some others. It does not cover software, and it looks like it is a software problem. Those of us who are uninitiated upon the mysteries of computers, could care less. The email machine is not working, that is all I know!

But it does not stop there. I was in Barcelona last weekend. I got back on Sunday evening. The home phone was not working. It is dead. As of today, it still is. My phone company, Jazztel, has not yet repaired the fault, whatever it might be.

Does it end there? Like heck! Yesterday, as I was drawing the curtains, the curtain pole fell off! I had to laugh. Just in case, I'm taking a train to Barcelona this weekend.

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