Friday, July 04, 2008

So different

AOG, Madrid

I've come across a website called PostSecret and I really like it.

Its basic premise works around the idea that it will publish your postcard and that in said postcard, you will confess to something, or you will divulge something.

For whatever reason, I feel ironic tonight, and when I came across this post card, I felt odd.

My first impulse is to want to slap this person for being racist (which they are not being at all).

I am surprised to see -yet not really since I know human nature as what it is only too well,-that the first and only thing which comes to mind about someone who helps you, is the fact that they were Chinese.

In fact, I wonder.

Where they Chinese? Were they Japanese? Korean? Vietnamese?

It matters to me because some (most?) white people are so quick to classify everyone by ethnic (not long ago I would have said "race" until someone told me how biologically we are all one race, regardless of skin color and pigmentation) group and place them in a neat little pigeonhole. "It helps us to understand each other better" I've been told many times. I don't fully agree.

Am I so warped that I need to dissolve this man's thank you card and his gratitude because I find it ethno-centric?

Do I know what I would have written? No. What if this poor soul is still convalescing?

I do worry about the most useless things sometimes.

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