Friday, September 26, 2008

It's the Presidential debate, Stupid!

AOG, Madrid

So, Mr. McCain has finally acceded to debate with Mr. Obama. The suspense is over.

I'm surprised he said no in the first place.

Hesitation on such a small scale appears to be only symptomatic of hesitation and nerves to come. Like, when he sits in the White House. And there is a crisis. And he flip flops just as he has done now. This tendency to mimic Charlie Brown's wishy washyness is funny only when serious issues are not at stake.

I think now, more than ever, the US needs a leader who does not hesitate in public, especially not over something as set in stone as a presidential debate.

If his intention was to appear like a leader, he failed.

The media report that his presence in the meeting with President Bush last night was, to say the least, that of a spectator and not a leader.

Furthermore, Congressmen have asked both candidates to stay away and get on with the election and leave them to sort out the economic crisis, bailout, no bailout, rescue plan or whatever euphemism is being used.

If nothing else, it appears like the frenzy over Ms. Palin has passed and we are back on important issues. We all think it is kinda cool she can cook a moose after shooting it from a helicopter. Yes. But can she find Tashkent on a map? As VP she probably does not need to know straight away. George W. Bush has proven that as President, she better do. For all our sakes.

Tonight America will be one step closer to making its mind up in this election.

Can't wait!

This can only be good.

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Timbo said...

As of today (October 11, 2008)...Obama is leading McSame by over 10 points in most national polls!! Soon the nightmare of the Republican Reich will be over!! It is time we elected a leader who understands that the world no longer revolves around America and that we are ALL citizens of the WORLD!!!