Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Russian superstitions

AOG, Madrid

I always like to learn about the superstitions of different peoples. I don't mean just from other countries; I like to know what the superstitions of my peers are.

Or if not theirs, then their family's lore. Every family has a little superstition here and there, and I love to learn what these may be.

Never mind that I often, at least for a while, take on their superstition just to see if its true.

I have just come accross this little Russian ditty regarding an old Russian custom (I don't know if by "Russian" the author means all of Russia or just some areas), but I think it is fascinating.

It says that if you have a ticket (public transport or maybe just a cinema ticket), and the sum of the first half of the digits of the ticket's numbers (like serial numbers) match to the sum of the second half, then you are holding a happy ticket.

And what do you have to do to ensure luck is bestowed upon you....? Eat the thing.

I love it!

Except that I'm not all that cool with eating paper these days.

It is a bit like Fortune Cookies (an American invention by the way).

The post in question also mentions that Russia's Department of Transport has ordered cookies from Russian designers at artlebedev.ru in the shape a Russian bus ticket. The catch? All the cookie's numbers add up. so they are all lucky.

That is cheating if you ask me.

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