Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swine flu and the Moon

AOG, Madrid

Panic over. It seems that this year’s swine flu plague is just a lot of hype. Not to say this it is not dangerous, it is just that places like the UK are taking it all in their stride and are keeping their wits about them.

I’ve spoken with my sister in the UK and since swine flu has reached pandemic proportions, doctors are just prescribing paracetamol and rest. They cant be bothered, she says, to even diagnose swine flu.

You feel flue-ish? Take a pill”.
You sick luv? Stay at home... and take a pill”.

However, there are as of today, 840 people being treated for it in hospital there, according to The Guardian.

Gotta say, if the British aren’t panicking, there might be hope yet. Why? Well, they do seem to panic about everything else, so this can’t be too bad.


A friend of my sister’s is trying to catch the flu now so that when he goes on holiday he may be able to travel. His girlfriend has caught it. As did one of the employees who work for my sister.

She did have to send the lady in question home and blitzed the office and workspaces afterwards.

Here on the homefront, my partner has begun a long list of countries we should not visit because of the flu.

Two top destinations are heading the list: Brazil and Argentina.

According to my partner and Spanish media, it is not wise to try and catch swine flu now, rather than in the Fall.

I think it is ironic that this week we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of man’s first landing on the moon back in 1969, and at the same time, here we are, knee deep in organic plague.

To say nothing about the lunar eclipse which has graced Asia for the first time in decades.

All in all, the world somehow manages to continue turning.

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