Sunday, October 25, 2009

Learning Japanese

AOG, Madrid

Ok, so I'm going to Japan. And I decided to buy a phrase book because, God knows, the locals are less than "fluent" with the Shakespeare, and although I'm a fan of all things "Nihon", the language escapes me.

Much like noodles do when I try to eat with chopsticks....

So there I am, learning away and asking my one friend who is from Japan (although in fact she was born in Mexico) to teach me a few phrases.

"Otearai wa doko desu ka?" means, where is the restroom please. Aren't I doing well?

She teaches me a few more phrases. I read a phrasebook. I practice.

And then my partner asks, nonchalantly, "why are you learning how ask anything since you won't understand the reply?"

Japanexican friend laughs out loud. Do I harakiri their ass now or later?

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