Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Salt Lake OKs gay rights laws with Mormon backing

AOG, Madrid

I think it is a sad day when bodies such as “a church” have a say at basic human rights- whether they are for or against them. I just don’t see the relevance or the competence of an institution which, in theory, deals with spiritual ideas and theories concerning the hereafter, sin, etc etc. Human rights are above any concern institutions dealing in transcendental theories might have.

We are not living in the Dark Ages, and the opinion of religious folk should go no further than the pulpit they pray at. Certainly it does not belong on the mainstream by any stretch of the imagination. If you need guidance, choose ethics, not religion. They are the closest thing to “universal truths” we have. Or need.

Thank you Mormons, but keep it at home next time. I don’t tell you who to pray to, and you don’t tell me who to love.
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Lyn said...

You are wrong that it is not a church's business about public morals. The Bible says - Proverbs 14:34 ¶ Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. God will judge a nation that allows sin to be legalized and run rampant. The Mormon church is not a good church - it is more of a cult. But a true Bible believing church or Christian will tell you that sexual sins of all kinds are wrong and will bring judgment to a country. Read the link and see what I mean.

Ynot said...

Dear Lyn,

I'm sorry, it is you who is wrong. Rather than quote the Bible, why don't you pick up a history book instead and find out about where all the myth and legend in that book came from?

Are you aware that much of what is taken as true and unique in the Old Testament is only Babilonian religious lore harking back about 1500 years before Judaism hit the scene? Ideas such as Paradise, Adam and Eve, the idea of Man made from clay, Noah, Angels, and even the relationship between a Father like God figure (Marduk) and his God like son (Dumuzi), which dies and comes back to life. To say nothing of the parallels between Horus and Jesus Christ. In case you are wondering, Horus precedes Jesus by about 1000 years.

So you see, to take anything that book says as real is ridiculous. If you want to, go right ahead, but, please, don't expect me to take it as real, or anything of the sort.

Oh, I saw your link. Excuse me but, where and when exactly did Jesus say that he hated homosexuals?

Wait I forgot, there is no proof Jesus existed, that's right. No proof at all.

Flying Spaghetti Monster.