Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving thoughts

AOG, Madrid

It was Thanksgiving yesterday.

When I lived in London, I tried every year to have people round. Family too, though on the day. Friends celebrated Thanksgiving normally on Saturday with me.

Yesterday it almost passed me by. I didn't realize almost until I opened up my "Facemook" account and began to read the well wishes of my friends in the US.

They were all grateful for something.

I was grateful for being able to read their comments, because it meant I had

I know it sounds silly, but for me, friends have always been something special.

Something to be cherished and in need of care.

That is not to say I've been a good, or even an ok friend. I'm sure I haven't.

Why? Gee, I don't know, because I'm human?

N0r does it mean that my friends deserve a Nobel Peace Prize. They don't.

I've had mostly bad friends in life, until recently (that is to say, starting about 10 years ago or so). I've also had good friends, but good friends in life are a luxury.

And for every good friend I have, there's been about 30 plonkers, all in successive order. And for every plonker there's been about 500 morons.

I think the best thing I can say is that as I got older, I began to rid myself, ever so stealthily, of some of the ballast I was carrying around. In 2004, I believe, I cut diplomatic relations with a particular friend after having had just about enough. Do I miss this friend? Oh, I would be lying if I said no. I do. I miss this friend sometimes.

But right away I start to remember the reasons why I started to grow tired of this person, the hysterics, the scenes, the words, the strange behavior.

So yes, there is a feeling there, but I don't allow it to get very far.

Not long ago I became reacquainted with a friend from High School back in Texas. I last saw this person in 1998, at our reunion.

We've been in touch, off and on ever since.

These days, thanks to the magic of "Facemook", we are talking more often.

Are we growing closer? Hard to say, there is an ocean between us, and friendship is all about shared moments. And yet, we have developed a certain complicity.

Epistolary, but nevertheless constant.

Strangely enough, one of my best friends (a reader of this blog I might add) and I speak very irregularly, and yet, when we do, it feels as if we spoke just yesterday. We go through spells, and, amazingly, "Facemook" has not brought us closer.

Perhaps because we were close already?

For them, for the ones I left behind, the ones who left me by the wayside, the ones who steadfastly stick by my side, the ones I cherish, the ones I miss, even the ones I'm yet to meet, I say thank you on this post Thanksgiving (alias St. Turkey's Day) day.


Timbo said... dear friend....what can I say? Though we are (as you put it) an ocean have always been...and will always my heart...and a part of my soul! I am so very thankful that you came into my life. And I truly believe....our best adventures lie ahead us!

Ynot said...

They better do, or I'm asking God for a refund!

Timbo said...

God does not need to provide refunds for perfection!

Antoñi said...

Permíteme que te escriba mi comentario en castellano, para poder entender lo que dices en tu entrada he tenido que traducirte. Definitivamente lo mío no son los idiomas. Entiendo un poquito de francés, naturalmente escrito…
Creo que tener amigos va en función a saber ser amigo… una gran diferencia a compañeros, conocidos, etc. El amigo mira tus ojos y ve lo que sientes, se implica en ello, porque le importas, auténticos amigos hay muy pocos. Aquí te diría una frase muy cierta y es; “Los amigos son como diamantes escasos, pero existen”…

Gracias por tu visita a mi blog, agradezco tu sinceridad en todo su contexto. Me gusta escribir, para mí la expresión escrita es mi oxigeno, la necesito al mismo nivel que necesito hablar y respirar, y soy habladora diría yo insaciable, hablo hasta dormida…
Experimento en todas las formas de expresión que tienen las letras, sencillamente cuando lees mi introducción a mis poemas, es ahí donde más soy yo, ahí no existen reglas, ni ninguna pauta, ni mucho menos miedos a hacerlo bien o mal, sencillamente la que te escribe este comentario, por ello muy lejos de molestarme, me ha agradado tu opinión, es más bien un piropo a mi persona, así que; Antoñi, mundana, que camina por la tierra intentando respirar su verdad, te da las gracias…. Besos, Antoñi