Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Decade by decade

AOG, Madrid

2011: Living in Madrid. Spain. Journalist. Writing. Partnered. Still so many things I want to be.

2001: Living in London. Admitted into LSE. Still undefined career-wise. I want to be a diplomat. And a writer.

1991: Living in London. I want to be an actor. And a designer. And a singer. And I write. Left home.

1981: Living in Mexico & US. Junior High. I want to be a lawyer. And an actor. Now with sister.

1971: Living in Spain. Attending grade school. Daydreaming. Only child still.


xochimiqui1 said...

Your are:
1. Brilliant
2. Witty
3. Charming
4. A wonderful friend
5. Czar in exile
6. All of the above!

ANTONIO said...

I'm *blushing* now :o)