Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Why I Love Pinterest

Dammit…I’m hooked again.

AOG, Madrid
I am weak. I admit it. I wish I weren’t but I am. I caved in. Like Oscar Wilde before me, I too can resist anything, except temptation.

Ever since I wrote a post about it (see here), I have been thinking about going back.

About just sucking it in, ignore their awful customer service, their threatening past behavior, their bullying and short-sightedness, and just, for the love of all that is good and pretty, open a new Pinterest account.

So yesterday, in a moment of weakness, and under a different email address, I did it. 

I typed, and created a new account.

The feelings which went with it were similar to those you used to get as a kid when you got away with something you were not supposed to be doing.
At first anyway.

But soon enough they gave way to feelings related to the hoarder in me, the collector in me. 

The curator. 

The aesthete and the lover of art.

I could, again, enjoy ‘playing’ Pinterest.

My first board? Fashion.

The second one? Men.

The third? Automobiles.

Then Ar(t)chitecture, then boards related to Mexico, Spain, Japan, Russia, France, Great Britain. Soon after, I decided to separate one old board into two: iLLUSTRATION and aRT became: Illustration, and a separate board for Art.

I’m taking it easy about the other boards. 

I’ve created some which I have yet to pin anything unto, and some which I’m thinking about, but…

Like, should I have a separate board for the fashions of different decades?

How about 1950s cars?

Should movie posters just be under Illustration, or should I have a board for them? 

How about fashion illustration?

How about men’s shoes?

On their own or just under Men’s fashion (baptised as ‘Suits you, Sir’). 

Perhaps it is early days yet, but I’m glad I’m back –though it doesn’t take the resentment away.

I’m glad I can enjoy the idea that is Pinterest, even if I think its owner/manager, is a prude.

Life…always so contrary…n’est ce pas?


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