Tuesday, December 19, 2006

First post from Madrid in English

Well, after living in Madrid for nearly a year, and now that my Master's in journalism (part one) has finished (part deux might continue in january if I'm lucky enough to get an internship at El País), and I no longer wish to move away from all things Anglo in order to improve my Spanish, I have decided to inaugurate this blog. I am not sure how much I'll write in it, since Subvero (the Spanish one) is going strong and after a year I think I might have around 1.5 readers in all, but I find it hard to write only in Spanish. Though I love the language, English is the language I've used for most of my life, and I can express myself better and without stuttering in it than in Spanish. Though this might, in time, change.

For the time being, here is post number 1.

On saturday I fly to London for X-mas. Not looking forward to it extremly ( I think I am suffering from post-Master-traumatic stress-disorder). I have spent all of yesterday at home, except for going to dinner to this hell hole, or rather ground hole since we had to sit on the floor (do I look japanese to you Luis?? no, didn't think so) near the Malasaña neighborhood. I got home around 4:30 am. Today, much the same. There are some friends coming round on thursday for dinner. I have to clean my miniscule-yet-oh-so-fashionable petite studio in Chueca (that's gayville in Madrid to you) before then. God I wish I could afford a maid. I hate housework!

I also still have to pack, go shopping for gifts, attend the good bye & Christmas drink at El País, get my head together, and overall avoind getting depressed over the holidays.

The link of the day...this american guy living in Wales (no, I don't know why he lives in Wales, or on that island for that matter).Read bits of his blog and his articles make me laugh. In part, it is his fault I am writing today at all. I have been avoiding an english-language blog all year long. His name is Chris Cope.

Thus far I can say he is about a thousand times funnier than Bill Bryson. I know this is hard to believe. I am fully aware of being the only human being on earth who does no think Bryson is neither the bee's knees, nor the dog's bollocks (can you tell I lived in London for far too long??). I know it is my misfortune to have to share the entire planet with a man who has the wit of a leaf of lettuce. Alas, I must!

Anyway, read Chris' blog. His Christmas video is quite funny. It even has choreography. Quite remarkable considering he is living in Wales.


PS: The image is Banksy's. Partially his fault I started this blog in the first place. Although...chain of events goes like this- El País website-> Banksy's photo-> Google search-> Banksy's website-> What he reads-> Chris Cope's website->my neurosis-> Willoughby

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Banksy said...


Tha image may be Banksy's, but the weblink is to my blog, I'm another Banksy, wher you found the link to Chris.

Just in case anyone is disappointed expecting to find Banksy the asrtist, and instead the find Banksy the grumpy Welsh hack.