Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tech Madness

Ok, I'm not the most "with it" person in the world technologically speaking (or most any other field) but there has got to be an "idiot's-way -to- making- your- website- look -pretty -with -pings and- pongs- and- feeds -and- merde- like- that". Yes, Merde.

I have been trying for the past hour to get a feed from the NYT as well as The Guardian. Could i do it? Could I hell! No. Why? Because, unfortunately for me, I am computer illiterate. Yes, I, a child of the 80s, never took an active interest in computers beyond the "nice game" "cool graphics" (and we are talking pre-playstation here) and "wow" stage of things. Programming makes me sick. I don't understand it, I don't care for it, heck with it!

But, of course, one is of the "litteraty & culturatty" brigade. One must be " with it" these days. One must somehow produce an amazing website if one is expected to be taken seriously by one's peers (read harpies). We can't have the tecchies writing columns can we? No. But we do need them to make cyber crap look cool. Presentable. Ditty. Oui, J'ai dit ditty!

So? So help me God, Buddha, Allah (not his real name...did you know there are about 99 names for Allah and that Allah actually means "The only God") I will try my best to make this look presentable in spite of programmers reticence to make this whole process straightforward and easy and ergonomic.

"Please copy and paste and shove it up your website with our compliments hahaha"

I hate computers.

Hope the stupid video from You Tube works.

PS: Link of the day: Where bad films go to die. Enjoy!

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