Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dying for Nintendo

AOG, Madrid

Sometimes you can't help but be amazed at how things turn out for the worse. A woman in California has died after ingesting too much water as part of a radio contest. It was called "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" The woman in question was a mother of 3 and according to the sources quoted in the media, she was doing it "for her kids". Her name was Jennifer Strange.

I think I will bypass the chance to make fun out of her last name. I feel sorry for her and her children.
I guess its true when they say that you learn something each day. I did not know one could die from water poisoning.

I think Ms. Strange's death is a good example of people getting in over their head without realising the tragic consequences. Many will rightly say, "Who knew?"

On a related topic, I have just been reading about Fidel Castro on the El Pais website. It appears that successive operations have left too much scar tissue which is having difficulty in healing. The story came with a small forum in which you can participate and leave your comments

In a lot of these comments, people whish Fidel were dead. Others are amazed at this reaction. I side with the latter ones. I don't for a minute support or believe in any of Castro's policies.

Nonetheless, that is not saying that I wish him dead. I wish he would step down from power and let the younger generations open Cuba up and let modernity in. But he too seems to think he can achieve something for nothing.

Ms. Strange died in an unfortunate accident trying to do something good for her children.

Castro will die without having achieved anything for his people that a democratic government wouldn't have. Surely Cuba's greatest tragedy.

I think in the beginning many thought he would do great things for Cuba. As before, "who knew?".

He, with massive economic aid from the Soviet Union, did achieve some things. But I think the price the people of Cuba have paid since 1959 is too high. Castro has never been a good economist, and his people have paid for it.

Funny how things turn out for the worse.

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