Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Chiding Iraq, chiding the Republicans

AOG, Madrid
The world never ceases to amaze me.

First I read that 79 year old Virginia state legislator Frank D. Hargrove, Republican, said black people "should get over" slavery and questioned whether Jews should apologize "for killing Christ" in opposition to a measure that would apologize on the state's behalf to the descendants of slaves.

In an interview published Tuesday in The Daily Progress of Charlottesville, Virginia, Hargrove said slavery ended nearly 140 years ago with the Civil War and added that "our black citizens should get over it." Why is this man still in politics? And what exactly does he mean by "our"? Does that not imply ownership too? Freudian slip?

In a similarly cynical vein, President Bush said Tuesday that the execution of Saddam Hussein "looked like it was kind of a revenge killing" and then criticized the circumstances of Saddam's hanging last month, as well as Monday's execution of two top aides, including Saddam's half brother.

He goes on to say in an interview with PBS' Jim Lehrer that "
I was disapointed and felt like they fumbled the.... particularly the Saddam Hussein execution".

We all know the problem with the French is that, selon Bush, they dont have a word for entrepreneur....but does he have a word for hyppocrite? Or cynic?

As if that were not enough for one day, it would appear that commercial airliners will soon be fitted with anti-missile systems. To make the skies even safer. Something that El Al has been doing for a while now. Is this not some sort of mass hysteria?

So as to leave on a positive note, this is the website of the day. I love this guy's images. I find them very human in many ways.

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