Friday, March 23, 2007

No cure for GAY

AOG, Madrid

I love this show. I wish I could be a part of it someday. Don't ask, it is just a wish. But it so rocks!
The Daily Show is an American satiric program (or programme if you are British) much in the vein of SNL...only it packs a bigger punch, which is shown on Comedy Central, home of South Park which I also worship.

I have seen many of its segments when I was in London, and I can honestly say to anyone who thinks there is no opposition in the US, or a free press, to have a look.

And speaking's a small clip which I wish to share with my reader (s).

It is worth watching until the end of the clip, if for no other reason than to watch somebody who thinks he is no longer gay just because he is married with children. I decline to comment and choose instead to respect his choices in spite of what I may think about them. We all have a right to make mistakes. That goes for me too.

However I will say that study after study says that there is a very high suicide rate amongst people who try to reorient their sexuality, aside from a huge rate of failure. Nonetheless, many choose to believe this is something which can be achieved.

Have a look.