Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is that a bull on the road or are you happy to see me?

AOG, Madrid
This midday, Spain's AP-6 highway, which runs near the beautiful city of Segovia (where Spain's answer to Fairy-tale castles is perched against a raveen), had to be close for about an hour. The reason?

Six fighting bulls had escaped from a nearby ranch and they were attacking passing cars.

Did it make the news? Indubitably, yes. Eventually, Spain's Guardia Civil had to, somehow, chase them back into their pasture.

Thankfully, no major injuries or accidents were caused by the animals...or the bulls! (ha ha bad joke, but Spain's Civil Guard are infamous for behaving like troglodytes most of the time).

The ranch's owner will be charged with causing a traffic hazard.

I wonder what would have happened if these same circumstances had taken place in the US?

Here is one of the videos taken on the highway.

Close call at the end....

Remember, these animals are very dangerous. They aren't called fighting bulls for nothing!

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