Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bush Torture Memos Released By Obama: See The Complete Documents

AOG, Madrid

Why did this happen? Is this how a democracy should behave? After reading some of these documents I am no longer surprised, and in fact understand, why many people refer to the US as a terrorist state. To think that this went on under the guise of a democracy makes me sick.

I hope I never live to see the day when this happens again. This is no way to defend anything. It is obvious we lost the moral ground long ago. Longer than I had in fact anticipated, but for the reasons obvious to many outside America's border.

I trust that the people responsible for this are made accountable. Not out of any desire for revenge, but rather so that this does not set some sort of wicked precedent whereby it is ok to flaunt legality and human rights so long as you are defending your country following your own definition of defense.

I would like to say shame on them, but really, shame on us. This is what we voted into power. Twice. Shame on us indeed.
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