Monday, April 13, 2009

The Story You Aren't Hearing About Israel

AOG, Barcelona

I have always supported the state of Israel. Despite everything else, it is the only democracy in the area.

However, it is also true that it is fighting a monster, and in so doing, has become a monster itself.

Mort Zuckerman writes:

The response has been rocket fire, terrorism ...not to mention an ongoing historic campaign to defame, denounce, denigrate, and delegitimize Israel in every international forum."

All I can say is that, unfortunately, Israel does seem to be providing a lot of the ammunition its enemies use for free.

When referring to Hamas, he says it is: "
a terrorist organization dedicated to killing Jews".

I think Hamas is a terrorist organization dedicated to killing people.

Please don"t anybody say only "
Jews" die because of Hamas" actions.

Many Palestinians die because Hamas often hides its members amongst the civilian population.

If, as Mr. Zuckerman says, "
we are much closer to the establishment of two Palestinian states" than to reaching a two-state solution then we only have the Palestinians and Israel to blame.

It would be a great mistake if this were to happen. The ensuing desire to unite both Palestinian states henceforth is a tragedy waiting to happen.

I don't envy Israel's present situation, but I cannot abide by many of its actions. Unfortunately, they are often as brutal as the actions of those who wish to destroy Israel.

I had a Sociology teacher in Texas who always said
"You don"t cover dirt with mud".

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