Thursday, April 09, 2009

Why Designers Are Dissing Michelle

AOG, London

I strongly defend Michelle Obama's desire to favor American designers and to dress as she pleases.

This is America, not Europe. Somebody's background should not even be up for debate or used as any sort of excuse.

She is now the First Lady; her background is a moot point because from now on, until the day that she dies, she will have been the President's wife.

However, this is not to say she has not made a couple of fashion faux pas.

Going to Buckingham palace wearing a cardigan is not one of them. The first rule of fashion is that clothes should flatter the wearer. Protocol aside, she looked good.

The same cannot be said about her choice of outfit in Prague.

It is worth remembering what the Roman's said about Ceasar's wife: It is not enough that she is Ceasar's wife, she should also look the part.

Although I am not about to suggest she should only wear big name designers like De La Renta (American? He is from the Dominican Republic), it is true that they tend to produce the clothes that look best in certain occasions. But this is not to say that they are the only ones to produce such type of garments.
They are not.

Perhaps the question should be more "What is she wearing?" and less "Who is she wearing?".

I think we all need to give her a break. She has been at this for scarcely three months!

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