Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Destruction of the Black Middle Class

AOG, Madrid

I am not black. Reading this article in The Huffington Post scares the hell out of me. I will always be amazed at the fact that the whole country chose to look away from the plight of its citizens in Louisiana when hurricane Katrina stuck only 4 years ago. And that it voted Bush back into the White House for another 4 years only provided for the icing on the cake. I was surprised and saddened that day.

A friend of mine from Chile once said that the US is a third world country, only dressed well. Up until 2005 I had disagreed with her.

It is not enough that only some people live well, and have unthinkable opportunities that they would not have in other countries. It is to America's pride that its economy is what it is. But it is to our shame that participation in that economy, and that the redistrinbution of the huge wealth it creates, is tantamount to that of a banana republic.

I hope this changes one day.

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