Monday, August 03, 2009

Unemployed Woman Sues College For Tuition

I think she is doing the right thing in taking her College to Court. Many Colleges sell you a degree with the promise of jobs, qualifications needed in the workforce, etc. And then, when you graduate, you are on your own.

No, they can't promise you a job, and they don't, and she is not suing them for breaking that promise, she seems to be suing them for not providing her "with the leads and career advice it promises".

Until further notice, I'm siding with her. The College can do more, I'm sure, in helping its alumni find a job.

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Anonymous said...

So she graduated with a JD and is practising her litigation techniques by suing the school?
She needs to get a life. There are many jobs available pleading for qualified applicants. So one can only surmise with her poor grades and IQ of 37, she probably is finding difficulty in obtaining a job

Ynot said...

If you surmise then you probably don't have all the facts. I don't either. From what I've read thus far, she is making a lot of sense.

Many Colleges promise you the world, but can't be bothered to deliver even a post code.

I don't expect Colleges to find you a job, but I do expect them to help you if they say they will.

If they say outright, look, we are here to teach you and nothing else, fine. Case closed. But who does that?