Monday, November 16, 2009

Google Wave Pt. 2

AOG, Madrid

I don't know whether to be scared, or grateful.

This morning I wrote a post about Google Wave.

How I thought it hopeless to try and find out about it, how I thought it useless and used, blah blah blah.

As if by magic, as if a little bird told them, as if, somehow, Google were monitoring the blog or something, this very afternoon, when I opened my Gmail account, there it was: the official Google Wave invitation.

Spooky? You bet!

Problem is, I can't really use it since I have nobody on my contacts account, and I can't write to anybody.

GWave (as I shall now call it), does allow me to invite eight people, which I have done.

In fact, a work colleague exchanged a Spotify invitation for a Gwave invite.

How's that for in-office PR?

Since I have no one I can write to, I have to wait until one of the people I've invited gets invited by Google to participate in the great GWave experiment.

I have to admit, I am now 1, maybe 3%, interested.

Thank you Google spies for reading my blog and fast-forwarding that invite this afternoon.

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