Monday, November 16, 2009

Google Wave

AOG, Madrid

Ok, I'm all for new stuff. New websites. New ideas. But I'm not so keen on new-but-not-for-you. Or new-by-invitation-only.

Such is the case with Google Wave, the new, über cool, who-knows-for-what service, from Google.

I read somewhere that it is meant to be how email would work if it were invented today.

Well....aren't they clever?

At times I think that...if it ain't broke...but anyway, we should not stand before the path of progress. Even if it is progress by invitation only.

However, to participate on their little scheme, you have to sign up, be invited, or kill a chicken, I'm not sure which combination works best.

A couple of months ago, my Facebook account was a-buzzin' with people talking about it, wanting to participate, wanting to know.

Since then, interest has waned. For many of my "friends" and for me. In fact I forgot about it until this morning.

Like a fool, I thought the thing might be up and running. Wrong. You still need to sign up, (which I did long ago), and pray they Google Gods let you participate.

Guess what's happened inside of me by now?

That's right, I am very uninterested by this whole Google Wave. Just as I am less than impressed by Google Chrome especially since it is not available for Mac and they are (only just it seems) working on a version.

I'm not anti Google. I like Gmail. And Google. And Google Black- Blackle.

But this system, perhaps designed to create expectation, is creating boredom and exasperation with their little product.

I know how this will play out in the end:

-It will come out.
-I won't care.
-Some people will start using it.
-I won't care.
-Someone will show me how the thing works.
-I will care 1%.

If I find it useful, I'll use it 50% how it was intended to be used, and 50% by the seat of my pants (i.e. intuitively). If not, it will lie in the great cyber grave, next to all other useless internet innovations. Like Beans.

Thank you Google for turning me right off your new invention.

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